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I am Finn M Glas and very grateful to have you on my blog. Here I will share my elaborations of profound thoughts and literature, keep you updated about how I plan to shape the future of human thought and technology.

For this reason I reserved the domain, coded this website (from source) and launched it on April 30th of 2020.


For almost a year I have been documenting my progress. Every Morning I lay out my goals and vision. I conlude my days by writing down my acheivements of the day and some thoughts on the future.
I conclude every month by summarizing meaningful thoughts and projects I worked on in that month.
I decided to share those monthly conclusions and thoughts with the world. Receive them into your Mailbox by joining my Mailing Network (alias 'Newsletter') - Join now (continue scrolling) ^^

Whoever and wherever you are, contact me for collaboration (on projects etc).

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