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Finn M Glas

Finn M Glas

Who I am

I am a Student, diligent Coder, Thinker and Space Enthusiast.

I started coding when I was 12. Some say I'll be an astronaut in a few years, others joke that I may take over Google at some point.

My time of transforming potential into actuality, of exceeding every expectation, has come!

Hello World!

Who taught me

Educational Institutions

  • Hilda Gymnasium Pforzheim (highschool - see link)
  • NGRHS (Semester in Canada - see link)
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ('KIT' - see link)

People who taught me

  • Stephen Hawking (Astrophysics from his books)
  • Jordan B. Peterson (psychological books, lectures - find out more on his website; his Essay Writing Guide is very helpful too)
  • and some more

People inspiring me

  • Elon Musk (I want to be as ingenious, efficient)
  • Benjamin Franklin (I like his habits and most of the virtues he tried to adapt to his life - wikipedia)
  • a few other, to me influential people

Also have a look at my mothers travelblog (I am her technical support)!

Let's stay in touch.