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Finn M Glas

Finn M Glas


Who I am

I am a aspiring physicist (Bsc. 2023), software developer and space enthusiast.

I started coding when I was 12. Some say I'll be an astronaut in a few years, others joke that I may take over Google at some point.

Well... nice expectations that I strive to exceed.

However, back to reality - there is a long way for me to go. Pretty exciting!

Educational Institutions

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: here I study physics (since 2020) - see www.kit.edu.

  • Hilda Gymnasium Pforzheim: the german highschool I graduated from in 2020 - see www.hilda-pforzheim.net

  • NGRHS: the highschool I went to when I spent a semester in Canada (2017/18) - see ngrhs.weebly.com)

People who taught me

  • Stephen Hawking: astrophysics from his books, I especially recommend those for children...

  • Jordan B. Peterson's psychological books and lectures are very profound - find out more on his website - also see the Essay Writing Guide he wrote.

  • And some more, especially teachers from the educational institutions above.

People inspiring me

  • Elon Musk: I want to be as ingenious, efficient as him, and space-exploration is amazing!

  • Benjamin Franklin: I like his habits and most of the virtues he tried to adapt to his life - wikipedia.

  • A few other, to me influential people...

Also have a look at my mother's travelblog!