Hello, WorldHi there!

I am Finn, a software-developer and physics student from Germany.

I work on many different projects, it's likely that one of them brought you here.

Make sure to connect to my socials:

On this site, you can contact me or check out my brief biography or just let me show you some interesting, recent projects!

Recent Projects

A free, minimal homescreen application for android that boosts your productivity.

Our local help initiative is trying to protect people of high-risk groups (old etc.) from an infection with the new Corona Virus by doing their errands.

More than 600 volunteers signed up to help! In September, we received the German neighborhood award 2020!

Currently (2020-09) I am working on a site called Development Hub, short DevHub. There you will be able to browse all my projects. Most of them are discontinued at an early stage though.

I started giving my software projects ids, hexadecimal, like 000f for this site. That way I can work with them in a more abstract and efficient way. DevHub has the id 002c.

There, you will also be able to filter my projects by status, ids and types. Check my twitter for status updates.